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Feature and Specifications

Jobcard is designed for any business that performs job based work. Including but not limited to;

Mechanical workshops

Engineering facilities

Aircraft mechanics

Electrical engineering businesses

Jobcard revolves around clients and jobs.

Review the history of your clients and their machinery.

Anything from motor vehicles to lawn mowers, aeroplanes to bicycles, Jobcard is able to provide simple, productive record management.

Client records
Service history (e.g. Motor Vehicles etc)
Job Cards
Job Recording

Return Authorities
Serial Number Tracking
Stock Control
To Do Lists

Export to Microsoft Excel or Open Office
Import Stock and Price Lists
Simple GST Management Tool
Print Messages on Invoices/Receipts & Statements
Import Clients

Brother Labels (requires a Brother Label Printer)
Comprehensive electronic manual
Simple Search options (Clients, Jobs, Serial Numbers)

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I able to install JobCard Tracking System myself?

Yes, the single user version of JobCard is very easy to install.

I need the network version of JobCard as I have more than one computer. Am I able to install this version?

Yes, we have instructions in our online help ( wiki.jobcardts.com ) that explain how to do this. Alternatively, you can get your regular computer support people to do this. It should not take more than an hour to install for a computer professional.

What type of computer do I need to use Jobcard?

You will need a computer that has Microsoft Windows XP or later installed. Ideally your computer will have at least a dual-core processor and at least 2gb of RAM.

Do you have any consultants available to help us set-up and teach us Jobcard?

Yes, we can organise an accredited consultant to contact you. The rates and charges vary from consultant to consultant for the work they perform.

What printers do I need?

You will need at least one printer. Preferably a Brother A4 laser printer at a minimum.

Am I able to print barcodes and labels?

Yes, Jobcard has some Brother P-Touch label templates included. You can print direct from within Jobcard as long as you have a Brother label printer that support P-Touch.

Is it possible to upgrade from the single user version to the network version of Jobcard?

Yes, it's a relatively simple process.

Am I able to access Jobcard from home?

Yes, as long as you have the Internet enabled at home and in your office. You will need the network version of Jobcard to achieve this unless you install a product called teamviewer.

Is your special offer only available if I purchase a qualifying Brother printer?

Yes. The offer ONLY applies to qualifying Brother printers purchased within Australia.

Where can I register my Brother printer purchase?

The registration can be done on-line here.

If I purchase a qualifying Brother printer am I able to register and purchase Jobcard later?

Yes. As long as you purchase and register your qualifying Brother printer on or before the offer end date you are able to purchase Jobcard within three months at the discounted rate.

I've purchased a network version of Jobcard. Is there any information available about port forwarding?

Yes. www.portforward.com has a comprehensive list of routers and how to perform portforwarding.

Technical Requirements

Jobcard Tracking System is designed to work on Microsoft Windows 7 or later.


  • Single User


  • Two Users


  • Five Users


  • Ten Users

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